Hotel-Highlight by the Adriatic Sea

Radisson Blu Ressort & Spa, Dubrovnik

The Croatian Mediterranean metropolis Dubrovnik, often referred to as the "Pearl of the Adriatic Sea", is enjoying increasing popularity for good reasons: Since 1979 the picturesque historic section of the town is part of the World Heritage Sites, while the Dalmatian coastline provides breath-taking views and a great variety of leisure options. In order to compensate for the ever increasing need for high-class accommodation, the Radisson Group commissioned a luxurious, elaborately designed hotel and apartment complex. The interior of the resort, located just outside the gates of the city, was designed by the renowned interior architects Hirsch Bedner Associates of London.

For this prestigious project, we were commissioned with the installation of a total of 580 bathrooms as well as the Public Areas – an assignment which had to be completed in just six months. During this ambitious time frame, we directed the installation of a total of 36 000 fittings, accessories and profiles as well as 28 000 square meters of tiles, natural stone and mosaics, which equates to approximately 4 soccer fields. In this process we were responsible for the coordination of the entire supply chain and furthermore managed the quality control of the imported structural elements and materials. By purchasing directly in Germany, Austria, Italy, Croatia, Egypt, China and Turkey we were able to achieve significant cost savings for the developer without having to make sacrifices regarding the quality of the materials.

By doing so, purchasing prudently and delivering on time, we were able to optimise the cost efficiency and work processes at the construction site. The punctual execution of the work entrusted to us ensured that the new Radisson Blu Resort & Spa was able to open its gates according to schedule.